Human Services

Open & Zero-Cost Resources

  • American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare Videos and Webinars
    A project of The Grand Challenges for Social Work, which “was established by the American Academy of Social Welfare and Social Work (AASWSW) in 2016. The Facebook Group is here to share news, invite dialogue and foster collaboration around 12 pressing social issues, known as Grand Challenges.”
  • Foundations for Assisting in Home Care (SUNY)
    “This text provides the background necessary to begin working toward a career in the home care field as either a Home Health Aide or Personal Care Aide.”
  • Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
    “This course will explore theoretical perspectives in Social Work to help provide a foundation for organizing thoughts about client needs and issues they are seeking supports for. Theories will then be connected to important developmental, social, and cultural issues that present throughout each stage of life to create an overall picture of a client’s experience and how we can use this information to have a better understanding of how people we work with are influenced and why. Knowledge of typical development in each stage of life will also inform the Social Worker if any other supports, resources, or services may be needed.”
  • Resources for Working with Immigrants & Refugees
    A resource guide by Urban Librarians Unite intended for social workers, librarians, and others working to support immigrants and refugees. Includes resources broken down into the following categories: Fast Resources, Toolkits, Government Resources, Locations, and Articles.
  • Scientific Inquiry in Social Work
    “An introductory textbook for social work students studying research methods, this book guides students through the process of creating a research project. Students will learn how to discover a researchable topic that is interesting to them, examine scholarly literature, formulate a proper research question, design a quantitative or qualitative study to answer their question, carry out the design, interpret quantitative or qualitative results, and disseminate their findings to a variety of audiences.”
  • UC Davis Center for Human Services Resource Barn
    Hub of resources from the Center for Human Services at UC Davis Extension.
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